Technical Writing

We write in plain, clear English. We combine technical accuracy with correct grammar and spelling to produce documents which are easy to read and understand.

We can prepare the following for you:

  • Trade press articles;
  • Technical sales literature;
  • Reports;
  • Guidance notes;
  • Technical manuals.

Examples of our work include:

  • The BRA Code of Practice: Design and Manufacture of Refrigerated Cabinets Running on Hydrocarbons Refrigerants;
  • Articles for ACR Today and ACR Journal;
  • The handout for the BRA CO2 Short Course;
  • Cool Stuff – a series of guides on a range of topics from Cool Concerns.

We can also prepare Power Point presentations, complete with speaker / trainer notes if necessary.

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We are appalled by the unprovoked actions of Russia and will do all we can in supporting the Ukrainian people through donations to recognised charities providing humanitarian support on the ground.
Stephen Benton Director
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