Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

All RAC systems must comply with the requirements of the EU Pressure Equipment Directive – we can help you through that process.

We have been working with manufacturers and installers since 2002 to help them comply with the PED. In essence, systems must safely contain pressure and you must demonstrate that they do.

For most systems this means you must:

  • Work out what the maximum system pressure (PS) is;
  • Ensure all components are suitable for PS;
  • Ensure the system is adequately protected, e.g. with HP switches and PRVs where necessary;
  • Work out the hazard category (which is dependent on refrigerant, pressure and size of the system). This determines if you can self certify or if you need notified body involvement;
  • Ensure materials are to the correct standard and traceable;
  • Ensure brazers and welders are qualified and work to an appropriate standard;
  • Pressure test the system correctly;
  • CE mark the system if necessary.

We help by fully demystifying the process, ensuring you are working to the correct standards, providing all the information you require to demonstrate compliance and liaising with a notified body. Where necessary we can provide training for all personnel involved within your company, from design staff to on site engineers.