Low carbon cooling

There are two aspects to low carbon cooling - reducing power consumption and eliminating refrigerant leakage. We can help achieve both.

Improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems can usually be achieved by simple, cost effective measures such as:

  • Effective maintenance;
  • Appropriate control settings;
  • Good housekeeping.

We always consider the whole system. For example reducing the head pressure is a good thing but can be taken too far, introducing problems such as flash gas in the liquid line.

The Real Zero project provides industry with practical information about reducing refrigerant leakage – we were one of the major contributors and continue to provide advice on this important topic. We can help you by:

  • Surveying your current systems and showing how leakage can be reduced;
  • Informing and training site engineers so they prioritise leakage reduction;
  • Providing input to the design of new systems so they have minimal leak potential.